In ABDL groups and forums, some questions are repeated with frustrating regularity. One of them is, "Do you know of any brick-and-mortar shops that cater to ABDLs?" The responses are always a smattering of the places that people who bothered to look at the post know of, and it's never comprehensive. Now whenever somebody asks this question, just say, "Look at the map."

This is still a work in progress. There's definitely more out there than what I show. If you notice something is missing, let me know by emailing suggestions[at] Your suggestion will be added once I have verified that it's legitimate. Please bear in mind that I am one person with a life outside of this fetish.

In the future, I plan on adding more layers, such as nurseries and pro services, munches and meetups, ABDL-aware mental health professionals. Naturally, any services or events that don't divulge their locations will be shown as non-specific pins in the event's city with links to the event pages.


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